As the group's flagship hospital, KAJANG PLAZA MEDICAL CENTRE has a history and experience of almost a decade serving fellow Malaysian especially to those who live surrounding the vicinity of Kajang Town Centre. Established in 2000, the centre is fully owned by a group of doctors and professionals. The centre operates on 24 hours 7 days a week, leads by the Chief Executive Officer who is one of the resident specialists in KPMC.

    To date, the hospital operates with a capacity of 31 various type beds. In addition, KPMC has been equipped with two (2) operation theatre, delivery rooms, a nursery and many other latest medical facilities.

    It is strategically located close to the city centre and within the cozy residential neighborhood of Kajang Town.

    KPMC is steadfast in the delivery of affordable services that are technologically appropriate, with emphasis on quality, innovation and health promotion. .


  • To provide highest quality of medical care, warm, caring and efficient services at a reasonable and affordable rate.
  • Each patient is regarded as an important individual.
  • To ensure satisfaction for every Ringgit spent.
  • To assist low and medium income group of people to receive general medical and specialist care.
  • To ensure highest level of medical discipline provided to patient.
  • To provide medical treatment in every medical aspect that is offered at KPMC



  • Committed to provide the best, efficient, prompt and safe medical treatment related to their illness and respect each patient’s believe, culture and religion.
  • If there is a need, KPMC will refer the patient to Private or Government hospitals for further medical treatment.
  • Explain to patient and family members about the illness, procedure or the operation that is to take place before getting the patient’s consent or approval.
  • Our utmost priority to patient confidentially and privacy on personal information and documents pertaining to their illness and will not disclosed to anyone.
  • All patients will get personal attention and treatment from their respective Doctor and treated by well-trained and friendly nurses.

All patients will get proper and accurate advice on health education from their doctor with regards to their illness, treatment and medication.